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Updates Sept 25th 2023

New Information implicates "EQT GROUP AB" of Sweden, and their asset "ZAYO GROUP HOLDINGS, INC." based in Boulder CO in threats July 20th, 21st, August 8th, 10th, 15th, and 24th of 2023 to elderly victims in Chickasaw Nation Reservation concerning child concealment and abuse to obtain data center property in City of Ada. Sexual harassment and extortion letters, following poisoning of 4 animals and physical killing of a 5th animal April 13th 2023, implicate Casper Wyoming contractors operating in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado with Denver data centers and Cheyenne Wyoming WHITE SUPREMACIST activity well known in THE DAILY STORMER hosting firm FRANTECH.US located in that city. We strongly denounce these racist financial groups in Sweden and Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas engaged in strong arm extortion and human trafficing using false legal NAME in violation of 42 U.S. Code Sec. 408 on October 1 2001, constructive amendment to a criminal indictment under color of civil lawsuit and modification of evidence April 2002 to abduct a child, and aggravated perjury in July 27 2015 using the false name MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON and Veronica Marie Peterson to file suit Nov 20 2018 in barratry simple violating TEXAS FAMILY CODE Sec. 157.375 and UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT Art. 3 Sec. 314 immunity, to aid in theft of Federal Benefits and human trafficking.

The modification of evidence in a civil court case affecting removal and concealment of a child for extortion of a registered business is a felony per Texas Criminal Code Title 8 Section 37.03, 37.09, and 37.10. Use of a FALSE NAME in UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP benefits claims is a felony per 42 U.S. Code Sec. 408. Extortion of a family to obtain money, property, or larceny of trade secrets or other unfair business prectices is a felony in State of Oklahoma in this degree.

Larceny of trade secrets are subject damages equal to the potential earnings of any technical design or plan obtained, including that of H100 hardware card application and InfiniBand technology applications now subject to claims in illicit use by NVIDIA CORPORATION and various data centers co-owned by MICROSOFT, NVIDIA CORPORATION, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, NTT GROUP, EQUINIX, AKAMI TECHNOLOGIES and the employees of those firms engaged in direct actions and taking of a child via 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas, and 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS TEXAS business offices of a registered Texas limited liability company responsible for these threats on behalf of MICROSOFT, NVIDIA, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, NTT GROUP, EQUINIX, AKAMI TECHNOLOGIES, EQT AB GROUP, and their subsidiaries and partner TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, FATSHARK LLC, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, EMBRACER GROUP AB, and firms operating as clients of those sites and services of GOOGLE DOMAINS and GOOGLE LLC and ALPHABET INC., COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. IANA.ORG, THE INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE, RIPE, and ARIN. Organized abuse of this nature voids all contract with those firms in SEPT 2022 conversion of SUPPLY CHAIN RELATIONSHIP into a MONOPOLY COMPETITOR ATTEMPT and SELF DEALING between NVIDIA CORPORATION and COREWEAVE exceeding $2 billion USD.

Actions of NVIDIA CORPORATION to purchase MELLANOX (an InfiniBand manufacturer) in 2019, coincide with extortion threats to our firm and barratry simple in 2018-2023 fraud exceeding $1.25 trillion USD in damages.

Reverse engineering of Massive Multiplayer Operating System (M2OS) and Manifold Space Engine (MSE) technology is both unlawful and criminal, and prior established in 1998 and 2003 documents and product registration owing prior discovery and design per Oklahoma Statutory Law.

Ongoing harassment including vehicular sabotage Nov 20 2022 and Sept 1 2023 are part of harassment with serious bodily injury March 4 2023 and July and August 2023 ongoing letters threatening executing October 5 2022 extortion letter by the prior group (NTT) representative DOMREG@LOSTSERVER.NET (an NTT COMPANY).

Use of OVH HOSTING DATA CENTER IN ONTARIO CANADA, HETZNER.DE, and other compromised networks under administration of these companies optical routing and reserve data resources in State of California PACKET CLEARING HOUSE are barred from communication with this firm other than by designated attorney due to repeated criminal threats of extortion and high volume network abuse exceeding 8 million unnecessary requests per week and 16 gigabit per second harassment impairing LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS of State of New York and LINODE LLC of State of New Jersey preceeding $200 million USD purchase of LINODE LLC by AKAMI TECHNOLOGIES (employer of 1 of the 3 LOSTSERVER.NET founders in State of Michigan, at such time and subsequent their employment by NTT AMERICA INC.).

Nexus between these companies in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) monopoly activity owe special investigation of the SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION based on 2018-2022 failed NVIDIA CORPORATION merger with ARM HOLDING CO LTD of China and subsequent acts of direct extortion toward the author of the SEC COMPLAINT filed by this company in that matter; to wrongly interfere with public information reporting of QUARTERLY EARNINGS AFFECTING MARKET SECURITIES PRICES and SUPPLY CHAIN INTERFERENCE (United States trade, and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII Section XXII-1A RIGHT TO WORK and contract subject UNIVERSAL COMMERCIAL CODE violation in section 3-605(d) rule).


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SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is an imprint of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma, concerning a specific line of business of that company.

About the Firm

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP has traditionally focused on the computer equipment and 3D image development software and hardware pipeline of the company.

While other divisions work in software development and product testing for film computer generated imaging, SDP provides the telecommuncations services over IAX and VOIP platform necesary for the other departments. SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP also handles licensing of property developed by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and for its various franchise properties.

Resulting TeamSpeak GmbH Authorized Hosting and voice conferencing, SSL certificate management, computer application web hosting, and support of full stack LAMP and IBM systems Redhat Labs experimental product design are a part of this service.

Unlike wholesale hosting, services for web applications are client-specific and application-specific.

Customer requirements and policies are very strict, to ensure a clean operating environment focused on our industry exclusive of other content aggregators and bandwidth wholesale facilities shared network and shared tenancy.

Competitors, especially contractors at very large businesses we are prior auditors of, often engage in unfair business tactics and outright fraud. As a result, certain labor organizations, businesses, and specific companies are BARRED FROM ACCESS OR COMMUNICATION based on a pattern of criminal conduct by their employees and activity. When a major company suspects insider fraud or self-dealing, this firm is called to investigate those claims and evidence, and issues reports which affect long term business relationships with labor groups like TEK SYSTEMS and NTT GROUP, who then retaliate due to AFFIDAVIT of wrongdoing filed by our investigators. We maintain substantial documents in these matters to prove our claim of unfair business activity and overt misuse of commercial authority in this fraud activity by bad actors.

Our research often leads to early detection of self-dealing, securities fraud, and insider trading and espionage. As a result, maximum security practices are in effect, including the privacy of our employees and their family members and residency, means of contact, and location.

Due to the murder of several witnesses, security may respond with lethal force if the situation calls for it. Effort to trick persons into confrontations in order to prey upon the public is a common tactic of foreign firms in Asia, China, Sweden and South America - often appealing to racist and nationalist special interest groups to defraud their commercial intention and purpose of such harm and intimidation under color of other just cause, a fraud and terrorist hoax activity documented in 1998-2023 unlawful child kidnapping of an employee.

Class of Business Products

The firm designs, builds, and maintaines long-duty-cycle (10 year) PC systems. Products of this line are for home office and small operation portable workstation customers, with secure facilities. The firm does not manufacture consumer or office class equipment, and all systems are built for specific scientific and industrial use, with long term maintenance and durability unlike disposable products in mid-range and office computing.

For examples of the class and other server-facility equipment, look to the prior thinkmate brand for comparison of industrial applications, and specialized use, in price and class of industry.


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