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T (a.k.a "Tal") represent the basic credit system of the Imperial American Coaltion (IAC), financial service provider for the Seven Alpha project. Like "CR" for credit, this symbol holds an exchange value based on points managed in a closed system while it has no inherent pegged currency peer or commodity (i.e. gold, silver, oil barrel, etc). Several efforts were made to expand on this with legal consequence in most organized nations, and in the use of science fiction to appropriate and monopolize concepts on a global scale in excess of original intent of the copyright laws among nations and content creators. As a result, the use of the mathematical symbol. In mathematics the "t" (lower case) represents the "takeaway" or subtraction.

This distinguishing factor, as a system of obligation or credit due to a central bank or lender, is inconsistent with the model of the Imperial American Coalition, dynamic creation of value, and confusing aspects of existing pre-Internet financial instruments such as bearer bonds (U.S. Dollar), securities (registered or unregistered exchangable bonds), or any other for of fractional lending instrument against which the economy is hedged (lending more funds than held in liquid assets, based on value or risk of loss of property).

For the sake of easy reference and conversation, "Tal" is used by members to refer to T account concepts as it relates to more tangible concepts of monetary use and inflation control against manipulation by nation-state economies and other very large scale commodity and industry shifts.

Like cryptocurrency, the Tal has no right-to-be-redeemed for other currency, nor registration to single owner, and is technically registered in the central exchange for security purposes with stronger privacy rights than are afforded FDIC and other United States and global banking institutions. Because the registry is not shared between members, access to track payments and transfer is not available to the general public.

T carries a high value ($200 USD at Dec 2018 writing) in valuation of goods and services, intended for professional service and high-end prosumer equipment purchasing among small organizations and skilled tradespeople. This combats per diem expense issues related market end-points present in the 1st and 3rd world today, which existing business tax codes do not efficiently handle as they did in the prior Century for small (sub one million Dollar) balance accounts.

For small business and artisan / engineer roles, Tal is ideally suited to ensure a standard 'minimum fee' concept that supports a living wage and ensures negotiation is limited below operating cost levels as "sub-T" business usually either performed for gratis / pro-bono, or similar sense of single transaction entitlement not to be mistaked for market rate.

Driving costs behing the high margin for T are the relevant pricing of graphic processors (NVidia, AMD) in 2016-2018, and legal costs associated with hostility by social justice terrorism (SJT) against skilled trades and individual experts, usually mirroring union tactics against senior independant scientists and their families, much like the allegory of Hiram Abiff.

With respect to whether this is legal or prudent, we beat J.P. Morgan to the punch in this industry even. For our next trick, unlimited nuclar fuel.

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