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December 01 2020 - §§ grandhotel

Counter Terrorism

Hegelian Sectarian actions including the kidnapping of UNITED STATES CITIZENS in 2001-2020 and terrorism in 2002, 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2013-2020 created SEVEN ALPHA. Hegelian Dialectics is the term given to the sectarial theology supporting this act of terror in 2001-2020 analysis.

SEVEN ALPHA is a domestic secure network to combat violation of the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act.

The abuse in this case prompting SEVEN ALPHA was very extreme and is ongoing as of 2020. Those actions included threats of blackmail and extortion following assault at gunpoint and child snatching without due process or legal cause in a confessed and premeditated plan to achieve perpetual concealment in violation of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.


Use of terrorist threats by TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and NTT AMERICA employees and hosted upon NTT AMERICA NETWORKS, made evident the inability of American Citizens to rely on public INTERNET OPERATIONS CENTERS including EQUINIX and NTT GROUP. Attacks from INFOMART in Dallas, Texas, spanning 2001-2020 and in coordination with creation of data centers in Australia, Singapore, and other points of presence cojoined with NTT GROUP - and with 2019 September to 2020 February sustained attacks of over 7.2 million packets sent to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED networks afford the 76 O.S. 76-9 right to make this determination.

Paired with over 320 claims of GENOCIDE and XXIII-1A violation claims, the State of Oklahoma rule afford the right to terminate peering relationships with these firms and HETZNER.DE, OVH HOSTING INC., GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, ZENLAYER INC., and other companies acting as front companies for NTT GROUP such as COGENT COMMUNICATIONS in a pattern of attacks on communication and publications to keep the child of Oklahoma developers from contact over 2001-2020.

Attacks on communication and public broadcast show that 25% foreign-owned NTT AMERICA is an unregistered foreign agent in the United States, and has by attacks during the $11 billion liquidation of NORTEL NETWORKS in coordination with abduction of the child of a NORTEL Senior Software Engineer; set then in motion a conflict similar to ENRON and MCI-Worldcom securities fraud themed a welfare fraud by STATE OF TEXAS for the estate of the child and alleged $95,500 sale of property to disable the Oklahoma firm.

This activity, in context to $39,000 USD demand and sexual threats against American and British and Chinese Nationals in the United States in this fraud, represents an attack upon the people of the State of Oklahoma and the Constitutional government of the people of the State of Oklahoma.

Contrary any complicity by STATE OF OKLAHOMA or STATE OF TEXAS or UNITED STATES, these acts are still violations subject 18 USC 2071 rule.

Harassment in this matter including shooting into homes in 2019 and intimidation to interfere with UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICES in PONTOTOC COUNTY warrants a full security model which SEVEN ALPHA provides.

Persons without credentials may be denied standing and service access without this strong cryptographic identity and terms of service and use.

Any effort to aid in this fraud or LARCENY OF TRADE SECRETS, including acts or threats, will be construed as aid in this fraud against the firm.

Objective of Hegelian Terrorism

Hegelian terrorism which seeks to misrepresent these rights or solicit attacks upon persons in Oklahoma or their right to private property and intangible property in transfer to SWEDEN, SOUTH KOREA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, or any other foreign power will be themed a foreign military act and support or earnings in such action paired with claims in this matter as genocide. The right to notify persons of this abuse and harassment spanning 2001-2020 is reserved under Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-3 and II-22 rule. We have affirmed sale of over $420 million USD in this fraud, legal identity of the parties engaged in this fraud, and to bar those countries and their registred agents from access to these networks due to genocide activity in the conflict.

Use of classic Hegelian propaganda simlair to Soviet Union and Axis propoganda claims, seeking to deny the acts of violence and fraud s a delusion or mental health condition, are affirmation of a criminal enterprise voiding the Wassangaar Arangement and Benre Convention with the People of the State of Oklahoma and American People, as restitution for fraud with kidnapping to commit genocide.

The loss of standing is the logical outcome of Hegelian Dialectic Terrorism, and no person who engaged in this fraud or any agency engaged in their employment, contract, or benefit is beyond the charge of complicity in an attempted forfeiture of estate and fraudulent transfer of title documented in 2001-2020 attacks by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

The Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act affirms these threats and false claims of a court record and court report made by the parties in public fraud to deter employment, investment, and "RIGHT TO WORK" of the XXIII-1A rule (OK Cosnt.) void the defense of these nations and their agents; as per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule. Attacks to suspend RIGHT TO WORK in coercion to obtain patents and trademark infringement paired with kidnapping of citizens affords the American people a right to self defense set forth in 22 O.S. 22-31 and 18 USC 241 and 242 rule.

Security in this matter to protect our supply lines, vendors, buyers, and employees due to targeted attacks are necessary in the SEVEN ALPHA project and network services. SEVEN ALPHA is therefor a counter-terrorism tool in the breakdown of civil agreements between nations and state governments in abandonment of their office and alien standing after such complicity and surrender of the duty of the public trust (Article II section II-1 and II-6 rule).

Registered Agents and commissioned officers in INTERSTATE COMMERCE across International Borders afford the UNITED STATES CORPORATION engaged in this action by LOSTSERVER.NET and its members, DORIAN KIM, JARED MAUCH, and DONALD BEAL; so evident in 323 documents of false reports calling for kidnapping of our employees children and employees of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED are therefore authorized this notice and security devices necessary to stop active intelligence gathering from the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and SWEDEN against UNITED STATES technology and services. The documents, published by THE KINGDOM OF ICELAND empoloyee in fact in PONTOTOC COUNTY, on behalf of Democratic National Party members in STATE OF TEXAS and associates in NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (NPR) station KEIF-LP and GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC in State of Oklahoma and State of Texas to this fraud; affirm an organized and purposeful effort to violate the "The Laws of the United States" (18 USC 2383) in this activity spanning 2001-2020.

We correctly identify this as an attack upon the Constitutional government of the United States, by use of fire, threat of murder, kidnapping to conceal children and sexual threats against adults and foreign persons in the State of Oklahoma.

Affiliates Barred Access

All persons affiliated with the prior groups are barred for terrorist acts against the SEVEN ALPHA members and their registered estates, in an effort to cause forfeiture of estate prohibited in Oklahoma Constitution, Article II.

Such acts, in letters of express threat barred by 45 CFR and 586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091, made evident in 2018 November and 2019 demands by Lakeshia McMillan, on behalf of the STATE OF TEXAS; a fraud suppressing report beyond statutory relief by computer espionage against NORTEL NETWORKS paired with direct threats of violence against NORTEL employees and contractors of NORTEL client SPRINT in State of Oklahoma, facilitating a foreign buyout opportunity of telecom and long-haul optical network service providers and technology in North America. Where such coercion is evident, all sales are void and nationalizing such assets a lawful right of the United States to eliminate foreign ownership and unlawful foreign influence obtained by this fraud and tampering with UNITED STATES elections and INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

Persons both natural persons and all legal persons incorporated which have nexus with the prior parties are barred for life from all access, use, and participation in SEVEN ALPHA; a private network of registration established under Article II section II-1 of the State of Oklahoma Constitutional Authority.

Use or transfer of property or information to those parties is barred at law and by NDNA Contract themed a civil agreement for use, at any time of discovery or negligence that may afford access a condtion of access, use, and enjoyment of the private network. Like any private network, this notice and restrictions are obligatory and also covered under 22 O.S. 22-31 and 22-32 notice of fraud to extort and blackmail claims made by the prior parties explicitly in writing and worldwide; contrary legal "possession" and to control and conceal a child themed a UNITED STATES CITIZEN contrary 28 U.S.C section 1738A(e) rule; sustained from 2001 August 11th to 2020 (present), a violation of General Order No 100 and failure to return hostages in acts of war (Article 23 & 27, Gen Order 100).

The firm considers these acts casus belli (acts of war, lawful cause) and in this matter asserts its right to defense a rule obligated the Hague Convention and in light of rights enumerated in rule per "The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide", a United States Treaty of 1988 and Supreme Law enjoining STATE OF OKLAHOMA per Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 rule.

United States Federal Union:
General Order No 100
Article 23
"Private citizens are no longer murdered, enslaved, or carried off to distant parts, and the inoffensive individual is as little disturbed in his private relations as the commander of the hostile troops can afford to grant in the overruling demands of a vigorous war."

Article 27
The law of war can no more wholly dispense with retaliation than can the law of nations, of which it is a branch. Yet civilized nations acknowledge retaliation as the sternest feature of war. A reckless enemy often leaves to his opponent no other means of securing himself against the repetition of barbarous outrage.

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