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December 05 2021 - §§ kaushan

A Rap Session With Raccoon Technologies

In March 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic has most Americas very frightened. The "nudge" is turning into a "push", to quote the socialist handbook of overthrowing Republics; and a basic "Rap Session" to simplify positions of the company is evidently needed.

Firstly, education has failed the public and literacy is too low to have an in-depth review of issues today in SEVEN ALPHA, much like the manner in which people avoid politics to support a false sense of safety or unity in American workplaces.

Whether you are a Progressive, Socialist, or Hegelian - the firm realizes several points are essental:

  1. RTI is a domestic corporation of the United States, serving a local market. We therefore do not care what works for your community in other countries or extremist states of the Union calling for radical socialism.

  2. The concept that work is the product of collective labor is incorrect, and a material threat to academic and creative works and business based on the premise of union labor and large labor forces as a normative risk.

  3. Threats against small business by radicallized unskilled workforces and union labor commissioned leaders are the number-one-threat to small business in the United States, often without law enforcement protection due to the conversion of all criminal offenses into civil disputes wrongly - favoring tax generating monopolies and foreign owned very-large-organizations and business cartels.

  4. RTI represents small business, at the scale of a community of twenty-thousand or less, and will not accept the effort to marginalize or co-opt those corrupt elements of organized crime as partners in large-scale business activity against mom-and-pop shops, Christian businesses, or people who don't want to live the "socialist dream" and sip coffee while bashing the character of everyone who doesn't agree with their simplified world views.

  5. RTI believes that by creating monopolies in industry through the sale of commission themed falsely as education programs or vendor channels, that such persons so commissioned will be inclined to make false claims against other academics and professionals in a pattern of conduct themed racketeering and interstate corrupt organizations (RICO) violations; as documented in our study of "Hegelian" trends in the long-haul optical data transport and Inter-exchange (IX) fabric of the United States over 2001-2020.

    The result of these monopoly practices restore slavery and slave-ownership-language over many areas of public communication which cannot and must not be permitted a monopoly position in communication or technology industries.

With this in mind, SEVEN ALPHA™ and other products are prepared to deal with this abuse.

Already, objections to this "privacy" and "exclusive forum" technology have alleged such claims are the result of illegal activity, deflecting from "sex worker" use of public video and audio performances to link to pateron, fansonly, and other companies who are openly pro-sex-work.

This conduct to deflect the blame of corrupt organizations sourcing minor children in the UNITED STATES to buyers and sponsors in other countires, such as the nation of Japan, where the age of consent is as low as 13 years; is driving major data transport in the UNITED STATES and poses a direct threat to U.S. law, as these commissioned officers and their host states do not care where the money comes from in order to gain their market share as network providers in the United States economy.

The closes comparison is the movement of Walmart into small communities, causing local grocery stores to close systematically, prior to major supply and labor issues with the termination of Chinese supply and labor sources in the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving small communities with empty shelves for lack of trucks from overseas and exploitation of workers in foreign countries.

SEVEN ALPHA™ is a gathering point for ADULTS to meet and discuss these issues and concerns without the presence of persons under 24 years of age who are still applying for commissions in this system; whereby other practical and local agreements can be made to stop the sale of rights, RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A), and children to foreign influenced corrupt organizations (FICO).

As we watch, the wage has dropped from adequate for one person to support a family - to levels wehre everyone who can work must, just to eat. In context to then suggesting that sex-work is legally and professionally acceptable 'trade' for this right to have subsistence protection, Western culture and law have acquiested the duty of a responsible forum and begun to negotiate for children and minors in the commission system of the Public Education as commodities in this market. SEVEN ALPHA™ rejects this premise, and segments a network service where this will NEVER BE ACCEPTABLE OR PERMITTED, and such services are barred at law.

Efforts this week to style that as anything else are an attack on our employees, and a form of racketeering to disable organized resistance to human trafficking in Oklahoma.

That is all.

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