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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

February 12th 2018 - §§ rabbit

Advanced Online Communities

Ever increasing hostility by foreign fincanced mass media creates an atmosphere wherein customers are afraid to engage and expose themselves. Raccoon Technolgoies Incorporated has begun development of 4th Generation Social Medial Platforms to facilitate the secure shopping and privacy rights that clients seek in other markets, among a trusted cadre of like-minded and law abiding professionals. Based on the secure base service model for military supply of troops during hostilites, these networks allow customers to interact and shop with a higher set of community standards than Facebook and other foreign influenced general audience sites which operate on a currency of incitement and false peer endorsement metrics (likes vs dislikes). Like the old Internet, pre-media, membership is for the elite and the educated, with strong central authority to ensure abuse does not become a business model. We call our network: "Seven Alpha", based on the IP7A founding group in North America and the proprietary address technology developed by that community.

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