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July 20 2019 - §§ libertine

Seven-Alpha Network

A private network and gateway system with user authentication credentials and account management based on values and regulations derived from the United States and State of Oklahoma. IP7A is focused on human rights and protection of children from predatory legal practices.

Psychologists acknowledge that immaturing in 10-24 year olds requires new regulations and countermeasures by business and social network developers. IP7A Networks accomplish this with the AM24 standard, precluding membership to minors and persons not yet themed mature adults based on the chronological standard, to create a more stable social community.

Seven-Alpha products exclude tracking, in-game purchases, and other solutions to monetize entertainment which prey on children with traditional gambling techniques. Fairness regardless of economic class is a core value of all Seven-Alpha applications and open worlds, prohibiting paid in-game advantage common in other RPG open worlds.

Divisions and Organization

Each organization assigned a namespace is themed a protectorate, denoting the domain and authority for conduct in that region and terms which are in effect there. Not all protectorate spaces are public, and any private protectorate need not index itself in the address space while enjoying the security features and key management services of the IP7A product.

A protectorate usually operates with a mission statement and formal bylaws organized like a United States Corporation without the implied ownership or license in title to foreign ownership. The term "protectorate" futher helps to distinguish the operations of these groups as separate from INTERSTATE COMMERCE of the UNITED STATES and organized under the AMENDMENT I right to association and Article II section II-1 right of Oklahoma State Constitution rule.

The following examples of "protectorates" demonstrate the purpose and organization of the network to specific causes.

Human Unification Movement

Arbitration and resolution services for enforcement and policy development on the Seven-Alpha Network.

The HUM focus on the protection of human rights on the Seven-Alpha Network, based on definitions of rights and identity which is not linked to ethnic or national origin in a common code of conduct exclusive to the jurisdiction of persons engaging in activity on our network and exclusive of other State and national jurisdictions.

Human Mediation Service is the philosophy of human dignity above public interest. HMS is key to the Seven-Alpha Network core values and is found in the enumerated rights and protections of the people resident in the State of Oklahoma and Indian Territory prior 1907, blending native and European concepts into homestead and family protection with educated self-government on new frontiers. HMS was created to combat Volksvehetzung by United States Hegelian Progressive media and violence against businesses and families in that area after the collapse of social contract instigated by large scale foreign investment in American markets.

Unlike 'Secular Humanism', Human Mediation Service and HUM focus on the 'individual estate', a concept whereby spiritual and religious values have domain and validity regardless of contrary views or claims based on the utility or productivity of a single life and superior to others in that scope of self determination and over family and children which shall not be suspended or subordinated in favor of society or others with similar rights who are favored by society or community.

Religious freedom does not extend to the restraint or injury of others, but is inherently valid in one's self and in the right to be respected and communicate with one's children and family contrary society or its blessing. This contradicts the claims that family and parental rights are "grants" (Title) by society for membership in society or legal contract, which are increasingly on the rise in the Western Hegelian Socialist State. Those "Anciently duties annexed privileges and honors" (nobility, Blacks Law 2nd Ed) are prohibited from the State or its monopoly (US Const Article I Sec. 9 and 10). Some member States of the United States do not accept this, and have been suspended from access to the Seven Alpha network pending their dissolution and forfeiture of Berne Convention Privileges for use of Black Codes in 2001-2019. Examples of "Black Codes " are laws which allow local authorities to arrest freedpeople for minor infractions and commit them to involuntary labor, such as TEXAS FAMILY CODE and 42 USC Sec 666 passed by the Clinton Administration - both of which are "declared null and void" per 42 USC Sec 1994 and 1981, but remain in force due to corrupt regional officers fraud against the Treasury of the United States, documented in Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244.

A Bulwark against the "make me" generation

In short, Human Mediation Service is "a doorstop against stupid people who presume pseudo-science empowers them to subjugate and invalidate others, dictate what is a 'good birth' based on collective monetization of human beings, and a pledge that the many will stand not only for the few - but also and expressly for the one against all others and in defense of the right of cultural integrity between any single person and their offspring contrary all demands and whims of any organization, institution, or society.

Humanity is not willing to accept division to eliminate cultural and spiritual views, nor tolerate its abuse in the alienation of our young and reduction of our liberty to a test of means, irrevocable consent, or contracts obtained by duress under color of law or custom. The renewed effort to apply mental health claims in fraud to invalidate political opposition and call for revolution involving the manipulation of the young warrants an organized resistance to fraud and Volksverhetzung activity in the United States and other nations in the 21st Century. The assault upon human beings along Hegelian Sectarian lines to invalidate rights is not acceptable or lawful activity against any person. That these values have been wrongly introduced by popular public education programs and policies affirm the obligation to ensure separation between state and private property, private business, and the institution of limitations against organized movements whose motivation is to increase their employment by eliminating competitive workers by fraud and influence over broadcasting technology and political systems. This pattern of overt racketeering must be met with absolute intolerance barring its equity in all matters of a civil society."

HUM and HMS doctrine were founded upon the principle that no restraint or binding shall by virtue of society deny the inherent liberty and freedom and product of our life or its labours to the extent that dignity of the individual is destroyed. It is based upon the Lieber Code and other Law of Nations (English, French), and in the inherent belief that the power to grant release from bondage is that of the "King of Kings", whose duty is the protection of this sacred right of all human beings, and so appointed as arbiter and final judge and without restraint or perpetuity of any kind proof against his power and Kingdom on Earth.

This concept is paraphrased in Biblical verse in the FORWARD of the SEVEN ALPHA handbook, which reads:

Seven Alpha - Forword

Comes now, the King of Kings, and the Seven Seals on the gates of his Kingdom, and this reprieve. That the bonds of Earthly Kings are broken and the burden set aside, that all shall know the dignity of the King and a Crown of Life, a Crown of Righteousness, a Crown of Glory, a Crown of the Incorruptible, and a Crown of Exaltation - for all who enter into the Kingdom are as Kings, and He who serves this duty their defender.

That these five tenants are as one before the Dignity of each as King among equals. In this ultimate sense, it is an American Doctrine.

To help explain these remarks to more concrete thinkers,

OK Constitution Article II-6 Personified

Seven Alpha is inspired by the 1907 Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and its Article II rights including II-6, which vacate the presumption of 'statute of limitations' in wrongdoing to prohibit abuse to be executed in disguise and revealed after authorities abandon the case. Increasing sophistication by online and Interstate criminals merit this "perpetual lack of final judgment" in the perfection of relief from abuse. Other rights against double jeapardiy and United States Constitution are upheld by Seven Alpha, as well as the Declaration of Independence and arguments of the Federalist Papers in prior language not regarded as non-binding to debate.

You could think of Seven Alpha as "a professional court" invoked by Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1. When the members speak of the "King of Kings" they aren't talking about a metaphorical invisible force. They are speaking about the chief executive office of the network and the duty of the occupant of that office to carry out the mandate physically. Seven Alpha is derived from Title 76 O.S. Section 76-9, which affords "all necessary force" to persons in the region, in certain causes, and evokes "legal force, right to organize and assemble" from that and Article II-3. Unlike a traditional bench, this arbiter is a steward of the law, not an officer of the State.

The Seven Seals are the actual three keys and seven gates that manage the physical PKI cloud infrastructure of the enterprise cloud system, and the Crowns related to the handling of the data of members that their testimony shall not be corrupted or silenced or destroyed upon their death or incapacity, through virtual record systems affording an Enterprise-grade protection of will and testament records and pleadings, complaints, and reports. As these are perpetual and subject review, you could say that the Seven Alpha network is, at its core, a library and archive of the legal letters of a private society and men of letters.

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