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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

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Scientific Computing in Ada Oklahoma

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a proprietary software developer and computer service corporation in Southeastern Oklahoma.

The company maintains VPN-based exclusive regulated networks for IP7A services, a key-based system that ensures customers and vendors have strong identity systems for high-value contracts and professional business exclusive from anonymous consumer markets. Strong identity reduces fraud, ensures lower returns, improves customer relations, and relies upon technology not readily available in some countries due to misrepresentation of intellectual property theft and contract fraud.

Formed by British, Chinese, Italian, Scottish, and American interests, Raccoon Technologies has global reach and intelligence services not constrained by the regional political trends in either North American or European markets exclusively.

The company is privately held and strongly restricted to major shareholders resident in the State of Oklahoma, United States. Services include C++ API development, supply channel for AGS and BGS branded media development systems, and other durable goods in prosumer and industrial computing.

Proprietary technology include the Manifold Space Engine (MSE), Beyond War Application Layer, Heavy Operator Program, Seven Alpha (IP7A) network, and arbitration tools infrastructure for the Human Unification Movement (HUM) - a civil rights group based on "American Jurisprudence" for settlement of disputes arising from the IP7A service or its use.


Areas of Research and Development

Our Projects and Products in Digital Technology

Our business and service is based upon a theology of equality and equal rights for all people worldwide.

Current AGS MSRP

Pilot  $ 2695 USD Entry Level 3900X 24 Threads  24 Lanes PCI-e 4.0
Athene  $ 4295 USD 8TB Raid 3950X  32 Threads  24 lanes PCI-e 4.0
Redoubt  $ 3795 USD Lean 3950X   32 Threads  24 lanes PCI-e 4.0
Mark 43  $ 3995 USD Prosumer i9 9900X  20 Threads  40 lanes PCI-e 3.0
Mark 44  $ 5495 USD Enhanced i9 9960X  32 Threads  40 lanes PCI-e 3.0
Raider-2950X  $ 5295 USD Workstation 2950X 32 Threads  64 lanes PCI-e 3.0
Raider-2990WX  $ 5795 USD Workstation 2990WX 64 Threads  64 lanes PCI-e 3.0
Raider-9980XE  $ 6795 USD Workstation 9980XE 36 Threads  40 lanes PCI-e 3.0

The way our sales staff look at computing, you are "either buying a Raider or you aren't", and then we talk compromises.

Now Featuring Creative Labs® AE-9 Audio Solutions

Many Models Featuring Nvidia® RTX SUPER 2080

Heavy Machines now shipping with X570 Technonology

Bringing PCI Express 4.0 Technology

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