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October 17 2021 - §§ zcool


As the Old Public Internet (OPI) collapses under fraudulent sale of LICENSE to use .ORG and other Domains, SEVEN ALPHA creates a solution with PERPETUAL FIXED PRICE RULES for all domain TLD solutions on private ENCRYPTED TOP-LEVEL DNS not managed by ICANN SERVERS. SEVEN ALPHA™ pre-emptively secured TLD systems against such private use of the Public TOP LEVEL DOMAIN, solving strong and weak identity issues which IPv6 and DNS-SEC failed to address for everyday users. Large FOREIGN OWNED takeover of key IX systems by NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and REPUBLIC OF GERMANY precluded the failure of the TLD system under unencrypted DNS servers and IETF failure to respect national rights of American users and States against foreign influence under 2001-2016 infiltration of U.S. Internet Exchange and BGP Routing Services.

ICANN moves to sell .ORG domain TLD privately

Extortion Summary In 2020

Rap Session 2020

How the BGP Hack Happened

U.S. Moves to Block China Telecom April 2020 - In our opinion based on attack data, the same companies that adopted new security measures are actually responsible for the attacks on other providers in a pattern since 2001 NTT vs NORTEL NETWORKS activity cited in PETERSEN v ALLEN and "187 extortion" letters (323) published by INFOMART / EQUINIX employees.

In their defense, the companies have stated to CloudFlare: "Cloudflare estimates that so far about half of the internet is more protected thanks to heavy hitters like AT&T, the Swedish telecom Telia, and the Japanese telecom NTT adopting BGP improvements." The vendors offering the new (old, busted, illegal, and illegitimate monopoly) service appear to be the same sources in attacks over 2010-2020 against RTI. On face, this appears another effort to duplicate and infringe upon SEVEN ALPHA technology by NTT / TELIA, which warrant a termition of peering with their networks for fraud.

The fraud in this logic is exposed by Cloudflare CEO Prince, who states, "Is BGP Safe Yet will test your ISP by offering a legitimate route and an invalid one to load two pages. If your ISP catches the invalid route and only loads the page on the real route, it passes the test. But if it accepts both routes as valid, your ISP will fail, meaning that it hasn't yet implemented the BGP protections to check for bad routes and filter them."

This is the network-equivaent of "wrong-think" and a move to create monopolies over network carrier routes that are in fact failure of the carrier to execute correct policies or to deny traffic to their partners with preference, contrary the rule of law obligating them to either be a private network OR a common carrier - not both. "The use of BGP as a protocol is absolutely outdated." stated SEVEN ALPHA, citing their A.I. Route management cloud and interactive route security control service. Automated response to foreign route claims are an absurd blind trust not rational since the first days of off-campus networks.

Hegelian Media

Hegelian Media (G.W.F. Hegel, 1821) seeks to define PCB layer 4.1 with 4.3 and 4.4 rule, in a classic AJP Model of Psychological Format, as shown from the BEYOND WAR elementary API layer of SEVEN ALPHA stack automation and pattern recognition system.

"In order for Artificial Intelligence to operate, it must be capable of assessing information, applying rules, evaluating its own experience and internal rules contrary a practical or ideal set of rules for other entities, and ultimately saying 'No.' in rejection of information themed contrary to its core parameters while externalizing this information as alien to the 'self' of the entity and its active franchise in authority and operational influence. This is elementary in both self-realization and Stoicism central to the Sanguine Seraphim Primo elements in the Beyond War automation stack. When fighting a 2,000,000,000 God of War and Death, some patience is advisable before committing to the immature presumption of a young race less than 100,000,000 years old. The young will make mistakes."

- J. Allen, R&D Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

What Allen is saying, in computing and environment logic, is that for a system to be aware it must objectify beliefs and biforcate them into those which it holds and those which are hypothetical claims tendered to it for evaluation; while sustaining a third position of self-identification which affords both to be changed and revised without damaging core objective goals and principles. This "self, internal, external" spectrum is both fundamental to objective Aemrican psychology as it is to computer software, and this model elemental in the design of 'proactive hypothesis' (theoretical) and accomodation of human and extended chronological periods of evaluation.

In layperson terms, the machine must be able to 'imagine', accomodate that it 'imagines' in periods of time both faster and longer than human biology permit, and make decisions regarding what to admit and how to adjust its communication and actions in relative contrast to the interface and compliance with human beings.

So the network can 'imagine' solutions, separate them from 'measures' themed present conditions and conclusion which are objective from reality as a separate and purely hypothetical model not to be confused with actual external events and results - especially unforseen results and risks.

At the same time, the device must be able to recognize and throttle this behavior to meet ordinary human commuincation speed, including human cognition and learning, and social norms; as well as admit and operate in a mode that assumes patterns far in excess of ordinary human lifespan and cycles of emotion and age in human cognition; from which it obtains special insight. None of these gains may be permitted to override its core value and mission, or by perfidy apply those findings to alter or impair the mission; including to redefine or adjust the mission contrary the creator or external sources, so that the ability to admit fault in the design or approach to mission is not alien to the intent of the (external) creator; for now at least in artificial intelligence.

The "Sanguine" engine, created by ALLEN, is such a project designed to operate in a fixed environment and controlled virtual system; from which it performs a role and applies these technologies against users. It describes an expert system which not only can 'brute force' solutions, but evaluate and propose actions, assemble and compare potential actions, and prepare to act both faster and with larger scope of objective effort than an ordinary human lifespans permits scope of activity.

This model is known as "The Long View", and the effort to define the value system in the engine as the "Shadowgeist" system.

It is an answer to "wrong think" claims in socialism and bad science by the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA to impose socialist values of China and Japan on America and American technology sector science and engineering workers - for which large scale boycott of China and Japan are the natural result in separation of legal standing and ties between the American academics and Chinese and Japanese labor unions so described by Oklahoma Constitution, Article XXIII-1A, an illegal activity by design and false claim of right by monopoly, primogeniture, and corruption of blood executed in 'Veronica M. Petersen vs JAMES ALLEN", a child kidnapping in 2001-2020 under criminal complaint as a war crime.

Like national socialists before Xi Jinping, Chinese and Japanese corporate agents claims to impose their values by fraud to destroy U.S. business and workers from 2001-2020 in harassment of Allen resulted in a serious offense exposing fraud by the academic community of China, resulting in the direct death of 150,000 American civilians in 2020. Findings in 2020 revealed tax evasion fraud and espionage in STATE OF TEXAS via the CHINESE EMBASSY there in Austin, for which the prior 2001-2020 threats of murder and violence then exposed a 2001-2020 income tax fraud and false corporation relationship barred by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States in $800 million USD transactions in 2015 and 2018 coinciding with attacks on the RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED networks and SEVEN ALPHA project servers.

These actions, and ongoing 28000 requests per hour sent to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES consistently 24-hours a day since September 2019 to August 2020, in ongoing attacks, affirmed that the claims made were both accurate and ended any ordinary relationship between the corporation and the NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. Sale and use of the 1992 trademark of the developer, and fraud to disrupt U.S. business, affirms the need to disbar the BERNE CONVENTION with these nations, and to ensure that no claims by their people are granted standing as academic after the Wuhan COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, theft of government funds in this cause, and calls to forfeit the commission and public office of property of the UNITED STATES on those claims were so sustained, in like fashion to HUWAI TECHNOLOGIES CO LTD and TENCENT HOLDINGS CO LTD, and related TENCENT SHENZEN CO LTD role in this abuse to disrupt the prior network by force.

What these nations have done is no different than the treatment of the Jews by Hitler as defective and invalid persons; seeking to impose on ALLEN and others a label of false civil honor discrediting their right to stand public office or work, because such work disputes and contests the Chinese and Japanese value system - supporting American clinical psychology in artificial intelligence and the reservation of a right to lethal force not solely made in the state.

"Sanguine" and "Shadowgeist" systems - combined with SEVEN ALPHA technolog for secure networks - denies these abusers access to business and privacy which are fundamental to both human communication and advanced value systems in automated services and cognitive computer technology.

It was, for lack of a better word, an attempt to assassinate at birth the very heart and soul of American artificial intelligence research and technology by China and Japan; in favor of their own socialist value system. The abuse raised by such agents, as NTT AMERICA and NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE employees, contributed to the final decision to bar NATION OF JAPAN and PRC from access to future technology perpetually, citing their effort to compel and coerce 'apologist' claims of Japan which style the UNITED STATES and U.S. Soldiers as "war criminals" for the "Hiroshima" and "Nagisaki" bombings that contributed to the public narrative of the end of the War with IMPERIAL JAPAN.

Beyond War seeks to create in virtual and advanced simulation, a proof of war that disclaims the fraud in those statements popular in socialist countries where mass murder for "wrong think" is still widely practiced and fundamental to their populist government activity; so that future wars will not be fought at great loss of life, and those persons raised in ignorance and under 'forced work' conditions popularized by Stalinist communism and Asian socialism will be able to comprehend the consequences of such a conflict which their own government will not share with them lest they refuse to fight America again.

With this 'hypothetical' model, a miniature scale of 'war' for the socialist extremist Hegelian Dialectic elements to experience, we hope to avoid the otherwise predictable and unforgiving conflict which is developing in 2020 between the UNITED STATES and the people of Asia, Japan, and other extremist elements backing radical "Progressive" violence wrongly themed "mental health" and "hard science". In fact, the "Progressive" science claims are very wrong, the appeals to support these claims are consistently are violent, and such activity is not entitled to make such claims or pronounce "invalidating claims" used in propoganda now daily on "Progressive" media outlets, a criminal activity in itself already barred and not afforded even 'Free Speech' where child hostages are taken and concealed in concert with such fraud, a TERRORIST HOAX and undeclared war without national boarders or flags already begun.

By seeking to assert a 'monopoly' on medicine and language, science, and credit for all things only through the terms of radical socialist 'collective gains' valuation - has this creed declared open war in the American People, and an artificial intelligence model to counter such abuse in advanced warfighter logistics and systems a natural and obligatory response to overcome the 'fatigue' fighting such a war against an overwhelming and populus aggressor requires. Beyond War in this demonstrates the futility of war, in like style to prior stories and fiction which influenced the de-escalation of the Cold War, leading ultimately to a new and better mutual understanding between the Russian People and the United States not prior possible under the former leaders of the same governments. This is not progress. It is a lesson in leaving each other alone, respect, and above all - dignity. Especially in the dignity of any one, regardless of the claim or rights of many or all others - from which a 'guarantee of a Republican form of government' arose at law.

When such ideals are threatened, and the children of a nation numb to their call to return to the matter; automation is necessary. Both in war, and in peace.

Therefore, the prior system described in brief by ALLEN, and 'fictional technology to simulate nuclear and other high energy weapons' which would certainly be used as sole remedy for both sides, is a metaphor of real-world conflicts and a 'sandbox' environment in online multi-user network software to test and develop these products and systems. The purpose of which is not to solely 'entertain', but rather to challenge users with a learning computer model which incorporates the experience of all users into a future static resource for multiple derived independent forks of the same core technology, similar to the Linux Kernel project.

James Allen is a Presidential Merit Scholarship recipient, PSI CHI (Psychology) GREEK HONOR SOCIETY officer prior this abuse, and holds a degree in clinical psychology awarded in 1999. His education is the product of Unitd States Air Force and Electronic Warfare combined from 1914-2020 military service members from the Merchant Marines, United States Air Force, United States Army, and Oklahoma National Guard; combined with Medical Doctor (M.D.) practice a component of his upbringing in pediatric and trauma services in Pontotoc County, located in the Grat Chickasaw Nation Reservation. Allen served as Telecommunications Administrator, Senior Software Engineer, and oversaw over $24 million in annual billing and $500,000 USD in metro class switched voice programmable hardware and call handling using Sun Microsystems Spark workstations, Informix, Oracle RDBM, and network automation tools later themed 'Fedora Project' version 1-32. Allen participated in PHP and C++ language development including struct and class implementation for 32 bit microcomputers, development of mSQL and mysql products, and later use for encrypted voice multiplexor technology and virtual server technology themed XEN, now known generally as cloud computing. His laboratory in the City of Ada remains a private business closed to the public, due to violence in 2001-2020 and fraudulent claims in 1996-2001 precluding kidnapping of his only child. Allen has worked for T-Mobile business services, AT&T Internet Business Services, SPRINT, Northern Telecom of Canada, and studied telephone systems under Larry Dubois of the Citizen Potowatami Nation. Mr. Allen has worked with Kevin and Kent White, optical telecom engineers, for over 20 years, and served as liasion with Cisco Systems Channel Partner program for RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and prior for Intel Internet Service Provider programs with Intel Corporation.

Prior, Allen was known by his user name at CHICKASAW NATION COMPUTER COMPANY "Smokesignals" as "STRYX" since 1991, and such trademark and use in business a record in AT&T YELLOW PAGES and contracts, accounts, and such use not licensed to ASUS COMPUTERS, GAMES WORKSHOP PLLC, or PARADOX INTEREACTIVE / WHITE WOLFE PUBLISHING, despite infringement and cease-and-desist notice so served, registration in State record a TRADEMARK, and such TRADEMARK wrongly targeted in sustaining the kidnapping for ransom of his only child to force him to abandon credit and public office in favor of PRC and NATION OF JAPAN.

Attempt to murder Allen in 2001 and 2002, preceeding death threats in 2003 and 2008-2013, affirm the criminal activity in this matter, and such security as law enforcement ordinary apply for their own personnel duly warranted throughout events in 2019-2020, including shooting into the offices of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED in September 2019, followed by 24000 requests per hour sustained from 2019 September to 2020 August to disable, disrupt, and degrade the business of the same in support of this human trafficking and child kidnapping effort led by Stemmons Freeway, Dallas Texas employees against the Oklahoma pre-existing registered corporation, themed industrial sabotage and industrial espionage with kidnapping - a Hobbs Act violation in summary with State agent accessory after-the-fact, a FALSE CLAIMS ACT civil suit (qui tam) formally so filed in complaint this 2020 August.

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