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August 04 2020 - §§ cinzel

Nazi Propoganda In the United States at CNN

Original: Article by Chris Cillizza

Byline Review in Editorial: James Allen

In a stunning example of Hegelian Nazi rhetoric, Chris Cillizza quotes Marx in his classic

  1. "What you did (in my imagination / magical thinking)",
  2. "What you think -is- a crime",
  3. "What you are is a minority",
  4. "What you believe is my magical knowledge to speak for you",
  5. "What you are actually doing",
  6. "Who is really to blame based on my politics",
  7. "What to Believe and why those people are criticized has to do with disagreeing with me about you",
  8. "Your position is not legally able to speak that way in my (imaginary ideal fantasy) society",
  9. "And you are a Jew/Gypsie/Homo/Traitor just like your hereditary primogenitor".

"What Don Jr. did on Friday morning is simply take this dehumanizing of political opponents to its logical conclusion: These people are evil, so they are doing what evil people do -- root for millions of deaths so they can win a political race

Again, there is no way that Don Jr. actually believes this. He's just throwing red meat to a conservative base that has been primed -- by his father -- to believe the absolute worst about Democrats or, really, anyone who disagrees with the President on anything.

That someone in such a prominent position would do so is shocking, although it probably shouldn't be, since the apple rarely falls that far from the tree."

- - - Chris Cillizza, CNN (2020 Feb 28)


Byline Review in Editorial: James Allen

The reversal of delusional projection is so clear it is crystal. Actions that are evil, which people support, speak to their character - not people as a group are evil because they have no accountability for the actions of their leaders.

The redesign of the statement to suit a persecution complex in "These people are evil, so they are doing what evil people do" is absurd projection of Mr. Cillizza upon Donald Trump Jr., and no different that Joseph Goebbels portrayal of the Jewish People.

This is classic Hitler.

Cillizza restates the English as his brain interprets it (badly), saying in his public professional article as if verbatim, "OK, so. The President's eldest son, who has made no secret of his interest in running for office and maybe even president in the future, is suggesting that Democrats are rooting for coronavirus to come to the United States and kill "millions of people" solely so that they might have a better chance of winning in November."

This rhetoic is right out of "Petersen v ALLEN", 2001-2020, a child kidnapping on automatic mistrial to defraud Social Security in the United States by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Ultimately themed a Title IV embezzlement scheme violating 45 CFR and 42 U.S.C. 666(a)(9) and 666(a)(10), in conflict with 15 U.S.C. 1673(c) rule.

This sort of rewriting of history is how Hitler killed six million people. We must not let it have a foothold in our country, our media, our business, or CNN.

Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

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