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August 04 2020 - §§ truecrime

Seven Alpha Preview

Conventional Internet Services connect regional users via a local INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP), and transmit their data in the public to other sites. This is not limited to "HTTPS" (Secure Socket Layer, SSL) transport of HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) requests. Important information like DOMAIN NAME SERVICES (DNS) requests are not encrypted even on allegedly secure sites (SSL padlock). What this means is that all websites you request, even HTTPS, are recorded by your ISP or remote DNS server, and accessible to law enforcement and other agencies. GOOGLE makes their servers available for these requests, and monetizes your data. Companies and law enforcement buy this data and use it to target advertising.

Conventional VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN) products encrypt the connection from your computer to the END POINT of the network. They do not block your DNS requests or other identifying information in your browser, such as cookies or signature data of your computer. This request only benefits from the 'strange' END POINT IP of the VPN network, which is semi-random and prevents distinguishing where you are by country of origin slightly. Other data, such as browsing habits, can detect your language and other attributes using this systyem, and to profile your usage and daily activity patterns easily.

MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE attacks on these services at the Regional IX and Distant IX afford effective capture and decode to well-equipped actors and state actors, precluding the benefit of single-cipher encryption up to 4096 bit.

SEVEN ALPHA creates a Local ISP tunnel to the network, admits only persons with credentials which are kept up to date on the server/network side, rejects non-authorized users, and affords DNS servce and exclusive servers and cloud-level application features not accessible to non-users.

Requests to other networks then appear to be made by SEVEN ALPHA and END-POINT SERVERS which migrate and travel the Internet as a base-image, using generic server architecture for virtualization, while supporting the mesh network with strong authority and encryption known as "periscope" points.

Each "periscope" node pokes above the virtual water and looks around - makes DNS requests - and then removes itself and shuffles off to a new instance on another network. In this way, Node IP for any request will move around dynamically, respond to threats, and maintain a strong encryption link between the "periscope" and the actual "ship". Through which the SEVEN ALPHA system connects.

Unlike the Onion Router (TOR), these nodes are not available for random people to create, modify, or set up to hijack parts of the secure chain, and remain the sole property and authority of SEVEN ALPHA. Because SEVEN ALPHA is not designed for or permitting of criminal activity, this privacy rule is not a threat to civil society, and an example of an organic network using automation to create viable peering (directional routing) without conventional "registered presence" used in the FIVE EYES CIDR and ICANN monopoly created by the UNITED STATES and several corrupt Japanese and foreign governments under the guise of academic programs and not-for-profit racketeering.

Illegal wiretapping and data capture by state-actors at the Regional IX level, by companies operating in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, prompted the Oklahoma-based corporation in 2009 to develop SEVEN ALPHA to address abuse in Dallas Texas and Hetzner.DE abuse based in that facility in Texas, consisting of employee abuse and collaboratin with Michigan and California front-companies acting for Asian pacific anti-american interests during and after the 2002 Telecom Recession.

With IPv6 adoption at less than 25% in 2020 and DNS SEC at 4% among real-world users after 24 years, the rejection of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and their complicity with major vendors to create a monopoly over the TLD namespace and signing authority of the Internet shows the immediate need for SEVEN ALPHA to combat extremist threats in global network security and sponsorship by state-led actors and proxy state-sponsored terrorism security threats to private enterprise business.

Additionally, United States breakthroughs in quantum computing appear prepared to disrupt traditional SSL networks worldwide.

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