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August 04 2020 - §§ grandhotel

AM24 Beyond War Preview

American Media 24 (AM24) format creates strange ideas in Hegelian Sectarian audiences.

The tendency to immediately project internal ideas and concepts on other people to disassociate with negative, violent, and perverted inner self image on others is pretty disturbing. Cross culture sexualization of children, animals (goats, et al), and import businesses in STATE OF TEXAS catering to this content targeting minors certainly would concern parents in addition to the Obama era sex education in public schools and transgender 'services' offered to parents in State of Texas without consent of other parents and at their sole expense to defraud Title IV and insurance programs.

Just getting past this narcissism and low-self-image 'narcissistic abuse' which passes for normal English at CNN and MSNBC would vex anyone. It is as if one were speaking to very angry five-year-old children from abusive homes fresh off of doing two lines of coke and a speedball; fielding the suggested speculation about Beyond War and its "Nazi" portrayals by Texas and Oklahoma Hegelian extremists; who portrayed swastikas and other actual national socialist emblems on the artwork created to discredit the game in 2001-2020.

Hegelian Horror

Beyond War unsettles Hegelian Sectarians, much in the same way holy water upsets demons in classic horror movies.

The premise, after all, is that majority or democracy have nothing whatsoever to do with future society and future war.

The very idea that - unlike the Goblin King - a player can literally "move the stars for someone" and would do so, simply because they chose - terrifies Hegelian thinkers to believe that such a person would naturally destroy every living player for fun and to assert dominance to the maximum extent of their power.

This is the same principle that Hegelian Socialists have against gun ownership, and insistence that no on eis safe unless the whole planet becomes a 'gun free zone'.

Like the DALEKS, who were a direct and explicit commentary on the National Socialists of the prior 20th Century by the British Broadcasting Corporation in Doctor Who; the characters and 'evil aliens' of Beyond War resemble Bernie Sanders promises and claims as well as Hitler and Obama era "moral relativism" made popular by Hillary Clinton in her famous trope, "What difference does it make?"

When someone slaps you upside the head with a planet, or extinguishes the star in the sky to make a point during a conversation; it matters much.

Hegelian "Persuasion" (Coercion) Fails

Concepts like this, in a world with 8 billion NPC characters on a single planet and millions of planets, unsettle socialist thinkers who define their self-worth and ego by the endorsement of others rather than self-realization. When someone can obliterate your entire fan club and the planet where you live, the idea of having a conversation where threats or emotional abuse are a tool of Hegelian 'persuasion' becomes absurd suicide. Far be it from the prior (romantic) effort of Fry in "Futurama" to arrange the stars to spell out a love letter to the woman he cares about. This incapacity is one of the reasons we require an age limit to members in AM24 products.

Having social relationships where power levels are not similar or even close, without any indication of who is superior or what extent their power may reach, and without any level or metric by which players can compare - are part of the elements unique to Beyond War. are also a TRADE SECRET of the product, prior release, and restricted from general disclosure by contract and State Law.

Efforts to demand PROOF to validate these claims, or comment to affirm a right to dispute false claims and refute the right to make false claims, is a criminal act themed a felony in Oklahoma. These tools are proprietary and very specific to the strong-identity user tool system SEVEN ALPHA, and essential to its role in the cloud services of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

Other concepts like education and knowledge, skill achievement, and character development are likewise TRADE SECRETS. These elements, in the absence of a large population to sustain pre-quantum information networks, and the tendency to discount Biblical and pre-Industrial societies use of books as a resource or valid factor in trade skills and "RIGHT TO WORK" practices absence unions and ordained agents; further underlines how backward and pre-industrial the Hegelian sect is to attack Beyond War. Hegelian scholars simply do not understand or admit that persons can gain knowledge or carry out complex science without a network of human beings whose support constitutes the "collective knowledge" of that identity.

This is psychotic and delusional - but evident in the writings of "Petersen v ALLEN" Group 187.

Skill Systems And Information

The idea that individuals can access information greater than the present Internet or published works of the planet Earth, or access them in different ways, is alien to the primitive people of Hegelian Sectarian society on Earth in 2020.

Beyond War introduces technology that empowers individual survivors and warfighters to operate both as industrial command and control of planetary and Interstellar manufacturing and resource services without labor of any kind; access refinement and high energy precision forge technology, manufacture complex medicine and biological chemistry in environments that are on par with battlefield conditions, and transmit information in means that do not require radio or physical storage medium vulnerable to nuclear, biological, radiological, magnetic, and high energy environments. Books you can throw into a black hole and recover on the other side.

The very nature of this technology is unsettling to the Hegelian social system, as their entire self-image and ego are based on endorsement and peer support, which they rely upon to validate their RIGHT TO WORK and social rank, kind of like penguins.

Beyond Death

In contrast, 10 billion years pass for some characters in the Beyond War fiction without contact with other life. How such life survives and remains similar in any way to human beings is the ultimate conflict with Hegelian Sectarian 'codependence' and 'self-affirmation', themed a disorder in the fiction of Beyond War caused by ignorance of weapons of stellar mass destruction and the concept that aging is a biological weapon, not a natural state of life or intelligent species, beyond infantile development and early species onset. Like puberty, death is just a phase.

How life functions when death, disease, and starvation are no longer driving factors in the evolution of a species fundamentally offends Hegelian Sectarianism - which tends to focus on these elements as certainties and facts upon which all their belief systems rely in value. Take away death and the 'cult of the child', and the Hegelian Dialectic has nothing to live for and no 'place' in 'society'. A threat to soceity, in fact, is an attack on the 'Hegelian Self' beyond self-interest and self-preservation, self-welfare, and self-awareness - similar to codependence in clinical mental illness.

All a Hegelian Sectarian can equate this state of mind with is an emotional lack of empathy and disregard for the welfare of others in absence of this "codependent need and identification"; which is actually an internal malformed ego disorder of the developing human being into an emotionally arrested adult. The idea that most if not all living things are inherently empathic, feel pain when they witness pain, and care for other living things regardless of species or power, much as a normal human does of a ladybug or fuzzy animal, is alien to the egocentric Hegelian Dialectic.

Players will never find a "Kill 10 xxx animals/monsters" in AM24 games, as the very idea undermines the elemental context of AM24 games not being focused on killing and kill-count metrics. Similar "non-meta nont-quanta" fiction is seen in products like METRO: EXODUS, which is story driven rather than kill-oriented.

Competition Not Central

When the struggle for subsistance and survival, validation, and mates are no longer a factor, the energy devoted to these competitions and egocentric behaivor is very positive. The inability to control or influence this in a virtual environment that has consequences frankly scares the ever loving hell out of Hegelian Sectarians.

This apsect that Beyond War "violates the Hegelian world view" and is not governed by "Lebensraum" (Literally: Living Space / Constrained Resources), while the finite asset of the Universe is individual unique people. Whereby a person, not just people, and the mental and emotional identity and character of that specific person, is the absolute wartermark of value and asset for which the entire Universe cannot replicate or reproduce. Where death, and consequences are not subject to time travel or other 'vehicle' of Hegelian fantasy to escape the very real impact of outcomes and consequences for actions, great and smalle, by which the oldest beings in such a Universe tread ever so softly as to walk on water itself without leaving a ripple in the lives of solar systems and galaxies they could utterly destroy with a thought.

It is to know the face of God, and to be in the presnece of God, and be humbled by the beauty of the person beside you whether they are God or not, that is Beyond War - and this an offense to the commodity-driven endorsement-seeking moral-relativism of the Hegelian Dialectic Sectarian world view and value system.

That one life is worth every other, if it mean something to one person, and that person is not chosen by lot or by committtee - but by love.

What is, after all, Beyond War, but love?

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